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Supporting People’s Communication Needs

LEARNING HUB | 25th November 2023

Supporting People’s Communication Needs has been developed in partnership with the SOLD Network.

The course is for people working in the justice sector and aims to enhance understanding of how to meet communication needs. Support, guidance and materials in this resource come from the SOLD User Group of people with cognitive and neurological impairments who have experience of the criminal justice system. The experiences of people working in justice are also shared throughout.

The learning objectives are;

  • Recognise when people need support with communication needs
  • Adapt communication styles and methods to meet people with communication difficulties needs
  • Identify good practice in meeting communication needs in your own area of work
  • Identify how other justice professionals adapt their practices to support communication needs

Supporting People’s Communication Needs has been created and is managed on Google Classrooms. To access and use the materials, you need a Google account. You do not need to sign up to have a Gmail account as part of your Google account. If you have a Google account you can access the course via the link below, or by using the code below.

Class Code: bqqqzny

Instructions on how to access Google Classroom are available here. Further guidance and support on how to use Google Classroom is provided in the course.