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Restorative Justice in a Scottish Context

NEWS | 22nd September 2021

Community Justice Scotland (CJS) and the Children and Young People’s Centre for Justice (CYCJ) were successful in securing funding to produce an animation on Restorative Justice in a Scottish context. The primary aims were to raise awareness and understanding of Restorative Justice in Scotland and to meet the priorities of the Restorative Justice Action Plan.

An accompanying survey was published to measure whether the animation supported an increased understanding and awareness of restorative justice, thus gauging the impact of the animation. Over 300 people responded. The findings were positive and will inform future knowledge development and awareness raising methods as Restorative Justice services develop across Scotland.

An easy read version of the animation survey results can be accessed here. To obtain a full report, please contact

We would like to thank the animator, Graham Ogilvie, the Restorative Justice stakeholder group and @whymeUK, Youth Just Us and CJS for their contributions to the animation.